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Clean Room Shoe Covers

Cleanroom Shoe Covers Details:
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Type: Shoe Cover
Certificate: CE, FDA, ISO
Material: PP, CPE, PE, PVC
Application: Hospital, Laboratory, Food Industry
Color: White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Green, etc.
OEM: Available


Clean Room Shoe Covers


Features of Cleanroom Shoe Covers:
1. Clean Room Shoe Covers are made from strong and flexible thermoplastic polymer.
2. Cleanroom Shoe Covers can also been made from PP+PE, PC, CPE.
3. The Clean Room Shoe Cover is economical and convenient, can keep the house clean.
4. Cleanroom Shoe Cover is widely used in medical examination, food handing, electronic workshop and industrial manufacture, etc.
5. Cleanroom Shoe Cover is good property of air through, water repellent, high degree of strength and elongation, harmless and antibacterial.


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